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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 31, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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good night from new york city. see you in washington tomorrow night go. to my facebook page and like it. there is a lot going on there. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stoiters we will be discussing this evening. >> coming up on the big show, all three republicans go back on their pledge for the eventule nominee. regardless of who gets the nomination, they have already lied to you. plus the broadway smash hit hamilton puts up a casting notice looking for nonwhite performers. let's see if the per son gnaw pho -- personificat oi n holds up. and a reporter falls asleep on air. i can only assume he was reporting on soccer.
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>> thank you, andy. >> you bet. >> she is so hot she is the leading cause of global warming, joanne nosuchunsky. and he's not a scaredy cat. he is a scaredy boy. joe mackey. she is a lady in the streets and a lady indoors as well. she is always a lady. tech expert and host of the pod cast kitty linnendahl. show. and he sells shows to hollywood, but he has -- hasn't sold his soul to them of the founder of, rob long. let's start the show. >> we begin with the not the michelle field story. during tuesday night's town hall in wisconsin, nonof the gop candidates would admit to supporting the gop nominee. actually we may never know why
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trump, cruz and kasich have backed away from their pledge. >> i am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> i have been treated unfairly. >> if the nominee is somebody that is hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. >> they have their reasons. but i guess the candidates didn't read the fine print. there are consequences to breaking the pledge. look what happened to the last gop candidate who did that. >> not the bees! not the bees! they're on my eyes! my eyes! >> not the bees in deed. >> if only. >> joe, you don't like the bees either, do you? >> i hate bees as much as nicholas cage will take any movie role. >> really? so that equivalent? >> somewhere to scale. >> what do you think of this
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pledge? should they break it? >> what difference does it make because there are no consequences. if you break it, you have already lost. it is a perfect scenario. i would say whatever voters wanted that day. >> well isn't that what they are doing? they are getting along in that way. they took the pledge because they would have been embarrassed to to the take it. >> i don't under the story. the pledge? we will go back to something that was said like two months, three months ago like it is relevant now? it is all chaos. it is like end of time now. it is like babies born with two heads and eternal music and dogs and cats sleeping together. it is all over. you said something in one moment of lucidity. that's crazy. it will all be a giant disaster. it will be a giant disaster anyways. the idea we are holding this bizarre pledge is weird. gee, i'm sorry i called you a
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psycho path. i was on an anti-his staw minute. >> it happens. >> that's not a good reason though. he was mean to me so i won't take the pledge. the pledge was not about the personality. do you want hillary elected or do you want to divide the republican party? >> i think i can understand the most why trump would not want to. if he does to the get the nomination it is most likely because the establishment people have made it so. i still don't know how it works, but they have thrown another person in there to make sure that trump does not get the nomination. so then why would he support whatever nominee that would be? it doesn't make sense. >> what you said does president make sense. you can't force delegates to vote a certain way. >> can you? >> the establishment is not some evil bond villain stroking a cat somewhere. >> but it is. >> how? how are they going to do that? >> you can't force the delegates. they will vote the way they
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are at least after the first ballot. katie, you foe this. they are bound on the first vote, but then they are free to go where they will. let's say it, a lot of the delegates will be moving from trump to someone else. isn't that right? >> let's step back here. i think kasich had the best point that they shouldn't have answered the question in the first place on the first debate. don't answer the question. it should have been evaded completely, and then can we get back to the real problem here? do promises mean anything? is there any loyalty or anything behind the clout of a pledge these days? >> they used to take the no tax pledge. >> they raise their hand at the debate. they would support the eventule nominee. you know who didn't in the first debate? trump. what are you trying to preserve? the republican party? it is over. it is dead. the ship is gone. it is a gigantic dumpster fire. >> why is it always a ship? >> it is always a ship.
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>> joe, you don't break pledges, do you? >> i have broken a few pledges. i tell you what. john kasich has nothing to lose here. the only way he will get the nominee is by a brokered convention. why can't he say that? what difference does it make to him? >> it doesn't matter. >> another topic at the town hall was trump and cruz's war over their wives. anderson cooper talked about his decision to retweet an unflattering picture of his wife, heidi. that lead to this exchange. >> you are running for president of the united states. >> i didn't start it. >> sir, with all due respect, that is is the argument of a 5-year-old. >> no. >> the argument of a 5-year-old is he started it. >> you would say that. that's the problem with our country. excuse me. no, no. that's the problem. exactly that thinking is the problem this country has. i did to the start this. >> trump added, quote, i'm
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rubber and you're glue. whatever i say bounces off me -- whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. >> he is a round table there. >> do you think anderson cooper was pushing a little too hard here? or was he pushing not hard enough. >> nobody pushes hard enough on trump as far as i'm concerned. that's the problem with our country? that's the problem? he kept saying, that's the problem. you act like a 5-year-old? we have a problem, but one of them is not saying -- somebody saying you started it. >> what is not a problem is tv ratings. this is epic. grab some popcorn and watch it play out. >> you speak the truth. cnn got high ratings and it is because -- it is not because of policy, but it is because of the cruz-trump fight over the wives. who are we to judge when we are the ones tuning into it, katie? >> that's correct.
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i can't disagree with that. >> we are all feeding the beast. we're the beast. how can you take your eyes away. >> everybody says oh no this is a reality show kind of situation of the. >> but also this is what trump always does. you remember from debates back. i attack a person because they go after me first. now that has changed a little bit and he find ways to attack people without it being warranted. i don't think it ever is. anderson cooper is bringing this up like it is a new thing when it is not. >> was he right to say -- to call him a 5-year-old essentially? >> i think name calling is something a 5-year-old would do, and i tell you what, there is nothing wrong with it at all. just because a 5-year-old makes that argument doesn't mean it is a bad argument. i still use that all the time. i have won a few arguments and i will tell you what. don't try to triple stamp a double stamp with me around.
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>> what does that even mean? >> do you ever use that to an audience, you started it? >> you started it and then i bring the hammer down and watch out. when i get upset -- >> he will bring an actual hammer into the front row. >> what trump was saying, that's what was wrong with this country. what i do on the campaign trail, i am a counter puncher and i attack back. he says wouldn't that be wonderful if america did that? >> it is not true what he says. it is not true about america. it is a reality show. did you ever see the real housewives show? everything ends with throwing a drink in somebody's face. >> it is women. >> well, there is a weird issue with trump. >> women don't waste their dribbings. >> they are having the arguments arguments -- you said that tuesday. no i didn't say that. these very trump arguments. >> you have to admit that's been his genius so far. >> and it will go great with
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putin and with the middle east and that kind of bickering. >> they lasted over eight years. that show has been around for awhile and the country obviously loves it. >> his genius politically, i am not saying it would translate to foreign affairs, but it has been genius at getting coverage and attention. people seem to like it. enough of trump. let's talk about ted cruz talking about trump. during the town hall cruz called out cnn and other networks forgiving oodles of froe media. >> -- free media. >> how many hours of free media does fox and you let them call in and for a year it was $2 billion of free interviews. >> we called every day and you declined every of oner on my program. >> that's what a 5-year-old would say, isn't it? you never come on my program. >> or i invited you to my birthday party and you didn't come. trump is willing to play the game, so they like them on their show. >> trump -- you have to give it to him. he shows up.
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if he has a camera he will show up. he has been that way for 50 years. this guy has been -- if there is a camera he is in front of it. he is right. he has gotten where he has gotten. he has been successful that way. i am not sure that will be great for the country, but it will be terrific for the tv ratings. >> do you think it is right for ted cruz to be complaining that the media is not fair to him? maybe he should step it up and be more exciting. >> no way. the media covers donald trump because he is a candidate that insults the other candidate's wife. if ted cruz wants to change this maybe he has to get out there and make cat tee commence about the other candidates' wives like any other candidate would do. >> maybe the problem with ted cruz is he says i had nothing to do with the photograph. why didn't he say of course i ept sent it out -- of course i sent it out. >> there is a law around equal time. i thought anderson cooper was on point and had good zinger.
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he said we call you all the time to be on our program and you decline. >> i think in terms of equal time -- >> it is not like the msnbc and not fox news. it is the other -- >> you can't decline cnn's invitation. >> who would say no to anderson cooper? you know, the silver fox? >> what is so weird is cruz is good on those shows. he is thoughtful and inat-- intelligent and speaks fluently. >> i don't know why he says no. >> some of the freed meed -- pre media -- free media is us talking about him being a 5-year-old. it is not always positive. >> oh believe me. now it is time for frat guys might start to get a bad reputation. the university of michigan fraternity brother assaulted the uber driver after he canceled the trip, but thsre
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is no video. which is weird why would we do the story -- wait a minute. we have the video. >> hold on, hold on. let's see you cancelling us for why? they don't give a [bleep] about you. they don't give two [bleep] if there are 50 and there is one of me spending the most money. [bleep]. kick me off you piece of [bleep]. you are an uber driver. go [bleep] you minimum wage [bleep]. are you working all day? guess what i will sit on my problem bleep --] bleep [in front of the tv jie. did you hear minimum wage? i heard minimum wage. the rest was bleeped out. that was jake cromin be rating the uber driver and fellow u of m student. he posted the video saying this is the fourth time cromin and his frat brothers cursed him out. cromin for his part said he was called a number of
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anti-sametic remarks that provoked his response. rerefused to peck him up -- that was on the basis he refused to pick him up because of his religion. >> we didn't get to see his video, did we? >> i did alt research on mr. mr.j.crom nie and his fraternity is based on the motto, better men for a better world. furthermore the fraternity is built on the honest convictions of love, charity and esteem. certainly one of the largest fraternities with active chapters is not standing up to this. right? certainly they will have words. i am passionate about this story. isn't that $57,000 in tuition? i'm sure jake's parents are very proud. he is really coming out strong this year. >> you know, you are making us all look bad with all of that research. >> sorry i had to because he is is so rude.
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do you think it is cool to put down a blue collar uber driver? he should go try driving one for two weeks. >> that's what he will probably do. what will he be secretary of treasury? i don't think so. >> a lot of uber drivers make a lot of money. >> he will be with the baggies on the hands and working at subway. >> we want to see if the uber driver did anything to provoke this. it doesn't matter. that was not on video. this makes you look awful. you said those things. it doesn't matter if you were provoked or what the situation was. you said it and it is on camera and i hope no woman ever sleeps with him again. >> wow, withholding sex. is that the way to go? >> or maybe sleep for him for the first time. he seems keyed up. maybe he hasn't had -- >> maybe if people would sleep with him he wouldn't be -- >> no. >> he is a men nighs to the community -- menace to the
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community. >> he is terrible at revenge. i am going to go home and watch tv by myself. ooh! what is he doing on friday, going to the mall and walk around? why is it news that a drunk fraternity brother is rude? to be this guy's friend you have to let him spank you. i tell you what, another part of the story was that the police were called and if you are going to call the police on any drunk idiot that is hollering at you, well sam morrell would be in jail. >> i was waiting for sam to come into this. i don't know why people get -- there are a lot of these fights with uber drivers. remember that woman who was throwing things out of the uber? people are fighting with their drivers. you don't have to. you have an app and you can complain to the app. that's what i do. >> i think we have all done that more than once. wait time, two minutes? 24. let's be realistic. that's the start of my laundry list. i don't have that emotional reaction. we are all human beings. and ps, what was he filming
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for? what was he hoping to achieve from his side of the video? nothing. >> you said the fraternity stamps for esteem -- stands for esteem? >> yes. more than 300 active chapters in the u.s. and canada and i don't think they condone these actions. >> his self-esteem was hurt by the driver. >> built on the honest convictions of love, chair tooy and esteem. condoning these kind of behaviors. >> what if the driver started it. this goes back to the presidential race. >> we are talking about the fraternity statement. the republican candidates can't keep their pledge and i can't trust the fraternity brothers to keep theirs. >> that's it. >> and there is the driver who has an ability to rate the passenger. that's supposed to be the safety valve. you can find out what your rating is. go to the menu and go to my account. >> i need to look mine up. >> you have to find out what
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number you have. >> i better be good. i always give five stars to them. just so you know, drivers, i give you five stars so show me some love. >> coming up, can a broadway musical refuse to hire white people? not if i have anything to say about it.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. a massive storm system in the south is is spawning several tornadoes near tulsa, oklahoma. the twister is injuring at least seven people. one person is is said to be in critical condition. there are also reports of structural damage, downed trees and debris. the damaging winds are ripping off the rooves of at least one house and church. the heavy rain and tornadoes phe scores of demonstrators are take together streets of
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minneapolis. they are protesting a prosecutor's decision to clear two police officers in the deadly shooting of jamar clark, a 24-year-old black man. the prosecutor said the officer used necessary force in the november 2015 shooting. the fbi agreeing to unlock the iphone and ipod of two arkansas murder suspects just days after it cracked the phone of one of the san bernadino terrorists. a jj agreed to postpone the trial of 18-year-old hunter drexler until the fbi is done which caning the devices. drexel and justin statin are accused of killing a couple who raised statin as their gand son. a couple notified congress it plans to transfer a dozen more gitmo detainees. they would be sent to two countries and the first trans -- transfers would take place in the next few days. it is obama's last push before he leaves office. the u.s. is looking to beef up
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military presence in eastern europe. the pentagon will be deploying an armor briggade. it is part of an on going effort to make sure they worry about threats from russia. i'm jackie ibanez. and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox are you watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. say goodbye to the great white way. the producers of "hamilton" are criticized for a casting call that said" whites need not apply." "hamilton" is about the rap battles that lead to the formation of the united states is seeking actors for its upcoming tours. the addition notice stressed how easy it was to get in for an addition. they said no prior theater experience necessary. the one thing you couldn't be? white.
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the addition notice explicitly states nonwhite men and women in their 20s to 30s. after many complain pro disusers say they would sh -- producerses say they would amend the ad and they did nothing wrong. it is a steeling of hamilton and the principal roles written for nonwhite characters accept the villain and be performed by nonwhite actors. their problem was they came out and said it. look, producers, if you don't want people to come to their addition you can say not nonwhite. you can say no khakis or american apparel allowed at addition. seeking only true playas for real, gangstas not wangstas. were you in "music man"? or "oklahoma"? no nascar fans and no frisbie players and no "hamilton" fans. joanne wheat people love -- white people love "hamilton"
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right? >> i do. i am shun by my people. >> my kids love it. >> it is impressive. i think one of the reasons why it is so impressive is is that it has a very diverse cast playing historically white chark teres and the reason it is okay is it is art. you can play around with the roles. i even heard they are welcoming women to play the roles of men. men have some of the greatest roles in the theater. wenches and bar maids. i think it is wonderful. there aren't as many of those opportunities scripted. >> somebody is is doing that right now. they are scribbling out a treatment for an all female revolutionary war. >> we hope that is what they are scribbling. we never know what they are doing when we watch joanne at
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home. >> i am on twitter. i am on twitter and i see what happens on twitter. >> they are tweeting. >> absolutely right. by the way, the show is fantastic. it is probably the best american piece of theater, one of the best pieces of art in 50, 60, 70 years. it is incredibly astonishing to watch it. 30 seconds in and i am mesmerized. we should stop making rules about art in general. everyone. let them do what you want them to do. it will be on every high school play ever and we will have some really, really unrythmic white kid doing it. it will eventually be white. >> eventually it will? >> there is a barber shop quartet, but it will eventually be all white. >> you remember when or son wells did black hamlet, right? we remember that great
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production. >> it was macbeth. >> i always get those confused. >> katie -- i don't know, say something. >> say anything. >> can i say this? there is a problem with the nonwhite verbage. how many times, back me up, in castings there is always a break down. is this a surprise to anybody? you are going to fill a part and you need to know what the specs are going to be for that particular role. why is anybody surprised by this? >> and if they want to cast the white family they say all ethnicities and they toss the head shots aside and take the white people. >> i got nailed at a tv critic association from a critic who was angry the show i was doing was all white. i said it is a family show. they are all in the same family. there are five people. well couldn't one be of color? >> that would be weird. that is a strapping thing. that is a strange thing. let people cast the way they want to cast.
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the beauty of "hamilton" it is an incredibly multi-racial cast. >> did you get an addition? >> i support these producers because i am not an actor, but my agents will send me out on calls and they won't send you out for anything. they figure we will throw a dart and hope joe gets something and i will get there. harlem globe trotters i am not going to get there. >> at least they are getting you out there. >> it is building character, joe. good for you. >> coming up, andy levy is back at the "red eye" news desk for half time. that's next.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. are you ready for that? >> for what? >> for what you do every day. >> i guess. i don't know. what is it i do? >> i am trying to get pumped up for it, andy. >> i am really pumped up. katie, i couldn't read what was on your ipad at the top of the show. >> no problem. let me show you again. i had my graphic designer custom make this for you. whatever it takes to win your love, i am all in. it actually says linnendahl
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and levey equals bril yept with -- brilliant with lots of light bulbs and hearts. >> glad i asked. >> i have to move on. jay i got chills. >> you said there are month consequences because it means you already lost. >> right. true. it could, i suppose, hurt you if you want to run again. >> that's true, but that won't be a big issue in four years. >> it is hard to hold the candidates to this pledge. the pledge itself is so dumb. >> it is a dumb pledge. look, no one is getting out of this alive. this is not -- none of these people are ever going to do anything ever again. >> you can understand the most why trump won't support the nominee and that would mean the establishment would give the nomination to someone else.
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there is some truth in that. >> it is the other kind of whining. there were so many times that he said i was treated so unfairly. >> they lit up as soon as he said that on cnn. everyone is quoting that. i heard that before. >> katie, you asked if loyalty means anything or if pledges mean anything to anyone anymore. outside of the military probably not. >> what happened to the promise ring? >> i think that fad went away. >> friendship bracelets. >> a lot of broken promises. >> he started it as a 5-year-old excuse. joanne, you said trump has said he only uh -- attacks people who go after him. that's true. it wasn't cruz who injected trump's wife into the campaign. and then he went after cruz's
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wife. >> he had nothing to do with the pack. >> cruz had nothing to do with the pack. >> it is so -- >> he is is is feeding it to you. >> it is a lot. >> i will back you no matter if you are right or wrong. >> thanks, girl. >> i thought trump's response -- when cooper said you started it, the argument of a 5-year-old trump said you would say that. that's also the argument of a 5-year-old. no, you are. what is your go to when someone heckles you? or is it different for each time some. >> it is different for each time, but i will try to get the crowd against them. i will say did you pay to hear this person talk or to hear a genius talk? >> wow, that's good. >> does that work? >> i don't know. i shouldn't have called myself a genius. >> i think you are okay calling yourself a genius.
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>> the media gives trump too much publicity. how is anderson cooper pointing out that he declined to come on his show. you said that's like something a 5-year-old would say? i don't get that. >> well he is like you don't come on my show. he is holding a grudge. news organizations are supposed to treat people fairly whether they come on the show or not. >> he wasn't saying he had a grudge about it. cruz is saying you give trump too much air time and anderson cooper says we ask you to come on the show all the time and you decline. >> he was also saying -- cruz said you let him call in. that -- is he right about that? >> he is right about that. >> maybe he does have a point. >> mr. spine over here. what a way to stand up to the guys behind the deck. >> if cruz wants to change this he needs to get on ut there -- get out there and insult people's wives. he tried that and it got him
12:37 am
some air time, but didn't get him anything else. >> so i was right. >> sort of, yeah. katie, the equal time rule doesn't apply to cable television and also doesn't apply to news interviews and newscasts or news events. >> there you go. >> whatev. >> where is your research now? >> it is on my ipad. >> he goes off on an uber driver. you refer to tao-kappa-epsilon. jay he was fact checking and you want to be 100% sure. so throwing the word alleged before that covers all bases. and i will say too in further bases, they do some noble things. and one of those being support pediatric cancer which is a passion to my heart. i commend them as a whole, but they really need to take a deeper look at mr. jake cromin. >> by the way his dad is is one of the worst landlords in
12:38 am
new york city which means he is probably the richest in new york city which means he will never have to get a job. >> and that's how he got his character. he never had to work for anything. >> hamilton casting for nonwhite performer. one might have mottos is is i apologize for nothing. i do have to issue an apology. on tuesday i saw them tweet the casting call and it said seeking nonwhite men and women. i was going to send it around to the "red eye" folks. even tom will understand why it says that. so i would like to say i'm sorry for thinking you wouldn't understand. >> i do under. i'm with rob that i think anyone should cast whatever they want. >> that's apology accepted. >> that's so sweet. >> i did not apologize. >> apology accepted. >> it was not a real apology. >> he said i apologize -- he was slandering me within the apology. >> it is time to unify. >> there is no law that says
12:39 am
you can't slander someone within an apology. >> maybe there should be. >> also on your list of things they could have said other than nonwhite performers i would have added no democratic presidential candidates. >> a similar casting call went out for los angeles. but that one said seeking amazing men and women and not nonwhite men and women. that leads mooy to believe the hamilton folks thought it would be illegal in california for them to say nonwhite, but they thought it would be legal in new york which is iffy. >> and they think there is no amazing white people. >> not only was the production not white hamlet, but it was vodoo macbeth. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> it is time to take a break. white people with dreadlock
12:40 am
when we come back. now here is what is coming up on the next kt "kennedy." >> why are you awake so late, kitten? i have them altogether on one panel. see you at 8:00 p.m. eastern and 5:00 pacific on fbn.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. residents in tulsa, oklahoma face a massive clean up
12:44 am
operation. this follows a string of tornado touchdowns that swept across the city last night. police and firefighters have been canvassing the region all nightlong looking for possible victims buried under storm debris. at least nine injuries have been reported so far. there are also reports of massive power outages and fall entries and structural damage. tension in minneapolis after officers said they would not charge for the killing of an unarmed black man. marchers made their way to a police precinct to protest the decision. the demonstration was peaceful , but several protesters burned an american flag. jamar clark was shot by police last november. a subsequent investigation said he tried to grab an officer's gun. donald trump is is back off -- is backing off from his statement that women should be punished for seeking abortions if the procedure is ever banned. his remark is drawing fierce criticism from women's groups and fellow presidential
12:45 am
hopefuls. the front runner says the abortion providers and not women should be the thing punished if they were to become illegal. leaders from 50 countries are gathering in washington for a nuclear security summit. how to prevent extremists are trying to get their hands on nuclear materials. federal health officials say mosquitoes that can transmit the zika virus was in a large region of the u.s. they show the mosquitoes cover the midwest and it is as far north as connecticut. the zika virus was response only -- responsible for the severe birth defects. no i -- now back to "red eye" and log on to fox at san francisco state university a white student with dreadlock was operated by
12:46 am
another student. we pick it up midconfrontation. >> you know i was in an egyptian culture. >> no, i do not. >> are you egyptian? >> no, but it doesn't matter. >> you have no right to tell me. >> yo, girl, stop touching me. >> yo, girl, stop touching me right now. >> get off of me. >> that's disrespect. >> i don't need your disrespect. >> why are you filming this? >> for everyone's safety. >> the video gained over a million views in 24 hours. some cynics say the altercation was staged. so say cynics like tom shillue. but the university theption it is real and released this statement. san francisco state university promotes the rights to engage in free speech and does not
12:47 am
condone behavior that condones the safety and well being of others. we are take the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate. was it staged? that's my first thought. >> i don't think so. i think you are putting yourself in a treky predicament if you are one of those two individuals unless it was trying to prove a point on a psa. >> i think the young lady was a good actress. i think the guy was terrible. his acting job was not up to par and that's why i think it was fake. >> really? >> yes. >> because you think he was acting like a weird dumb ass. >> he was acting like somebody acts when they stage a video. >> you agree with me because you are a theater person. >> yeah, but i watched it 75 times and there are people who talk like this and look like this for real. tom, you know because i think we have a photo of your high school yearbook. no, that's just you in class.
12:48 am
some people just really do this, tom. >> i didn't talk and act like that. i just had the hair. it was a style thing. >> if you are not going to be kind to somebody -- bullying behind it, just keep it to yourself. why do those comments need to be made? >> because they are making a viral video. >> this was not a conversation. if she wanted to have a conversation -- no she wanted to agitate him. >> it opened up and she said do you have scissors. i don't think she would do that. knowing her the way i do after watching this video i don't think she would do that, do you, joe? >> i am skeptical because it should be up to the person's family telling him to cut the dredlock. not a random stranger. >> if her culture was offended -- say it was real, does she have grounds for being upset to see dreadlock on a white guy? >> no. except for the fact he looks like an idiot. is it possible to hate everyone in this whole thing?
12:49 am
is it possible you can legitimately hate all of them? if they did it for real? >> they did it for real. >> it is fake and still bad and the dialogue stinks. all of it is bad and low rent. if it is real, maybe we should have a big world war and those young people should go off and fight it. >> where is egypt? >> no one knows. >> that's what made it seem real. that's why i think she was a better actor. >> that was a random slide in by the way. >> what is the male model doing in the trench? >> maybe he is the producer. >> he looks good. >> it is the shorts and the trench. that's not work. >> too many things are off. the way it ends with her grabbing the camera like that, i just think it was all -- it is too cute and we will find out and break this story. we will break it wide open. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
12:50 am
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable.
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just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. at his phone? on tuesday espn and nba analyst brian windhorse
12:54 am
powered down. >> creeping is russell westbrook who is a firing triple-double machine. he said he can't compare to his season of the do you agree? i think we got a technical difficulty. >> i think the throw is -- >> he claims he was just looking at his notes on his phone. he tweeted when adam scheckter looks at the phone he gets endorsement deals and when i do it i have nare caw -- narcalepsy. >> quiet. this is my private time. >> was i relaxing you? she had a soothing voice. >> who knows? it is not that fascinating of a conversation. >> and these people work long hours, right? >> he was looking at his notes in his screen.
12:55 am
the best part is you have all been there when your boss comes by and you say anything, just say anything. they are lucky it turned out as well as it did. >> well, if he was, joe, looking at his notes they were fascinating notes. there was a great gap of time. usually you are interviewed and they leave silence it means you have to talk. >> it could have been about calculus. it was a reporter talking to another reporter about another basketball player. you know, sports. >> it is not my cup of tea, but they love talking about sports. >> i guess it is how political people, analysts talk about politics off camera. but this man is totally sleeping. i am jealous of the fact that he is a calm sleeper. i do the head bobs and the stuff where i jolt myself awake. i do love -- when someone walks by always end it with an
12:56 am
amen. you were praying and no one can fault you for that. >> that's why -- you have to do the -- did you ever do the eyelids? the eyes on the -- you can catch a quick nap. maybe he was. you have to refresh yourself -- >> i think i watch this clip as much as a previous clip and i think he may have been locking at his notes, but it was a really long paragraph. >> and if this guy wants a tip, hole your phone up -- hold your phone up. don't be ashamed. he put it down here so it looks like he has heavy eyelids. >> we need to cut an analysis tape. >> special thanks, joanne nosuchunsky. rob long and tom shillue. let's see it again. >> you were watching -- >> ♪ lull lullabye ♪ and good night ♪ good neat
12:57 am
good night ♪ >> i think we got a technical difficulty. >> i think castro is is --
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> the issue of abortion takes central stage on the campaign trail. and all candidates weigh in after one interview. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump is once again testing the their country if. no matter what he says or does, it always works out for him. to tnl trump campaign is dealing with fallout from the republican front-runners' latest pronouncement about women and abortion. trump's opponents wasted no time in contributing to the back lash. the chief political corn carl cameron reports from appleton, wisconsin.


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